Marcel Winatschek's Tokyopunk

Introducing: Balagan Crew 06.09.

I’d like to say few word about the past 17 months. In this time I have had the honour to work with my co working hubby Eugen Klim (middle) and awesome PingPong opponent Domenik Pockberger (left). We’ve developed great story ideas for several TV shows, MuVis, shorts and three feature narratives. Though I haven’t shot much during this period I’ve spent the funniest time of my whole working life. So, we thought: how can calls our small writers room? Please feel free to welcome us: the BALAGAN CREW. This name stomps it and mirrors perfectly our process on how we equip our film with a certain uniqueness in story, edge and style. You can be sure that sooner or later a result will be seen on the silver screen or whatever screen. I’m really curious which one of our babies will be first. The photo was taken by Andrea Christa leading a screenwirting lab (DBK) in Baden next to Vienna in the past month. We are super thankful to be part of it and had loads of fun spending time with great colleagues like Superwoman Güner Balci, wonderful Ms Output: Ruth Olshan, adventurous Pauli Ploberger, Mr Christian ‘Smart’ Straub, Stand Up comedian in disguise Lucas Vossoughi and his scientific writing partner Artur Golczewski. Also big props to Andrea Christa, Elmar Freels & Françoise von Roy for their great input on our stuff. That’s that that’s it.