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MeTube 2 is unleashed 14.04.

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Last Saturday I had the best party of my thirties. I guess  there won’t be a better one. Playing table tennis with a horde of 80ies dressed retro players, while drinking cocktails and listening to great tunes was more than satisfying,  NO, it was EPIC. We even enjoyed a MeTube 2 Cheesecake tasting very yamiyami. Phil the remix dude of Metube 1&2 and our line producer Roli were ping-pong DJing while Elfi and August were battling for the kinkiest table tennis outfit. And the best was that I won the death match tournament. One Teammate wrote in the youtube mt2 comments “The maker of this video spent years of hard work only to get 150 people into a table tennis center, so they could see him win the tournament.” :-) So true…

Fun aside, finally – after Sundance – I’m really happy that “MeTube 2: August sings Carmina Burana” hit the web. And I can say 4 days after release the status quo rocks: more than 100 k views on YT and yesterday after uploading on VIMEO we became a STAFF PICK which earned us also more than 30 k views. Can’t be more happy, what a start. So here it goes the flick on several channels and of course some impression from our release party.

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And because quite a bunch of people haven’t even asked at all “Yes the HOT chick on the party invitation is ME.” Here Make up equals miracles.

Last but not least the making of MeTube 2

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