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metube 2 finished, sundance premiere mastered, online release in the planning 02.02.

Dear MeTubians, it’s been a while since I had the time to publish something about the process finishing MeTube 2. As a matter of fact I couldn’t find a single moment to lean back,relax and write. Since I have returned now from the Sundance Film Festival and became immediately sick, I found some time. So here it goes the merry message:

Simply said but challenging done. Side NFO: MeTube 2 is the first sequel short accepted by Sundance ever.

We (this means August, Philip, Eugen, Berny, Roli and me) got even a little financial travel backup from the awesome ACFNY (here we met the wonderful party person Arianna Fleur Kornreif supporting us on location) and not to forget the wonderful Austrian Consulate General with the amazing Consul General Ulrike Ritzinger gifting us a wonderful MeTube 2 reception in Deer Valley, supporting us financially (bearing partly the high costs of our accommodation). Thanks a lot also to Thomas Mikusz (from white bear PR) and Marijana Stoisits  (Vienna Film Commision) welcoming the only film representing Austria in Sundance 2016 warm hearted.

It was a pleasure to be there and for me it seemed that no time has passed since we were raiding Sundance for the 1st time in 2014. The difference then was, that MeTube I was already available in the web for ecxactly a year. Now we went the old school way of premiering 1st in Sundance and soon we are aiming to hit the web. Why so yo might ask? The answer is pretty simple: We’d like to be present here in Vienna when we are partying the online release with approximately 250 teammembers. It would be a shame to hang around somewhere else while this happens. We’ d like to release it in March and are currently looking for the right (party) occasion. If you have queer ideas, let us know. Meanwhile here some gathered pics of our stay in Park City


»Opera on Acid« - MeTube 2: August sings Carmina Burana bei Seitvertreib 14.04.

[...] Daniel Moshel hat mit dem Operntenor August Schram schon 2013 mit dem Stück »MeTube: August Sings Carmen Habanera« (gleich hier mit drunter) für Furore gesorgt. Jetzt hat er den zweiten, wahrhaft gigantischen Teil von MeTube alias »Opera on Acid« dank Crowdfunding fertiggestellt, wieder mit August Schram und außerdem der Bayerischen Staatsoper. [...]