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daniel with believemedia 02.10.

Next to the fact that the US guys from Believemedia are now associates concerning MeTube 2. Believemedia UK is representing me concerning the advertising film world on the British territory. Juhey!

James and Mark from Believe helped me to attach the awesome people from Platige in Warsaw helping us currently to solve the bulk of MeTube 2 vfx work which has to be done. And very ALSO I’m happy to announce that wonderful Digic Pictures (renowned and many times awarded for their overwhelming cinematics for Assassins’ Creed and many others) are doing amazing crowd animation work for us, as well I want to name our associates in Paris Twosevenlab are helping us to move the project forward and last but not least I want to mention the awesome partners here in Vienna from Motion Control providers Cmocos (with whom we are planning addon shoot day this week) and newly aquired cgi and compositing heroes doing amazing work for us here in Vienna (shout out to Leinwandhelden, Spiro, Manuel, Lukas, Nino, Marcello and Mr Schinko who did also the first Metubian robot). So here we go the setup for our visual disaster project MeTube 2. Hope we manage to convince the Sundance programers ….