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how does thunderclap work 20.05.

Support us with your thunderclap

We’ll start shortly (1st of June 2015) a indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for my passion short MeTube 2 which you can already preview here on To bring more attention to this we use the thunderclap tool.

So what does it? If you click this link you’ll directed to our thunderclap campaign page. Here we try to go for 250 supporters on fb and twitter.

DON’T be afraid If you click on the support button you won’t get ripped.

You just pledge your support with the effect that if we manage to get all of the 250 supporters, on 1st June at 10 am Vienna timezone all these 250(or more) fb or twitter accounts will spread our thunderclap message which says the following:

ÔÇťOPERA ON ACID? Help complete the biggest, boldest and sexiest OPERATIC FLASH MOB the internet has ever witnessed!

And this hopefully this will lead to a overwhelming crowdfunding support on indiegogo. My gratitude to everybody who wants MeTube 2 become reality!


ramadan 02.06.

Damn! This is really good new! I hope you can accomplish everything you simply want done with this project Daniel! (Damn you money and deadline issues!) Wish i had any income to support projects like this and some other i really appreciate. Still student since i last commented on you (and not the brightest one) :P